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From The Principal Desk

Ans: The school embraces technology as this is the trend of today; we put everything into inclusion of educational technology.
Ans: Yes our teachers are taken through three (3) levels of selections, teachers’ needs to be qualified in their field of study. They are taken through a micro teaching test, written and oral interview.
Ans: Yes there is an active PTA and our parents are well involved in running of the school to ensure proper upbringing of the children.
Ans: Some of the great achievements are; our first set of graduates all made their papers in one sitting, recording 178.5% of the past exams. And our junior exam has been outstanding. Winners of The Mind Africa Young Inventor competition 2015 and several other competitions.
Ans: As a School, Dietams takes the time to point the strength and weaknesses of each child and work with the general Principle; that every child has something to offer. Therefore we create opportunity and avenue for every child to showcase what he/she has and motivate that child where necessary. As for our teachers, Dietams is an environment for cordiality and closeness to personnel. Dietams is a family and so teachers and staffs are treated as such. Our concern for kids goes beyond just learning, it’s more or less securing the future of our children.
Ans: Modern teaching and learning methods which is a combination of educational technology and child centered teaching methods. Dietams acknowledges the fact that, there is evolution in education, and she has gone ahead to employ those field into teaching and learning.
Ans: We have an average number of 20 to 25 in a class.
Ans: Both traditional and modern library are made available for the children. We have hard copy of books in Science, History, News papers and Magazines to allow them access information, We also have computers that are made available and it has E-learning with the books for easy access.
Ans: We are all good schools, but there are three (3) keys to Dietams Standard which is stated as follows: 1. High educational Standard. 2. High moral Standard; being a Christian School. 3. And the creativity employed in the teaching and learning processes.
Ans: Being a Christian school firstly employ guardians and counseling of the child and also discuss with parents on how to help the child, and also extra man hours to enable the child associate with his/her pairs.

Head Teacher Nursery


I have a cordial relationship with them, but I believe in discipline. Everyone should do what ought to be done rightly. Correction is given when things are done wrongly and we appreciate when things are done in the right form.

We discuss every morning (teachers and minders) on how we can improve, because, we are dealing with children. We try as much as we possible to get to the children’s level and draw the attention of parents if need be. I take charge of setting exams questions so every teacher does their best for children to understand, and are not allowed to teach children during exams.

Ans: Teaching and learning is for teacher, student and parents collaboration, we all work together to make it, because we believe school and home work together in the building of a child. We use teaching aid i.e. raw materials, so all subjects must be real for them to understand. We communicate with parents to know where the child is lacking so we can offer effective teaching. We use pictures, videos, audios and discussion to teach the children better, we have home work diary so we communicate with parents through it with their feedback.
Ans: The average number in a class is between 12 – 15.
Ans: The children’s library is called “activity class” it’s used for language act, reading act and visual aid.

Ans: In Dietams we offer a high standard in our delivery that some parents bring back their children when withdrawn because of our relationship with parents, and our teachers are qualified.

Ans: Ages of the children are put to consideration for placement of class. We are able push the child if he is not doing well at his age, and many a time, after a year or less, there is usually a positive change.

Ans: Yes we have staffs who stays back to take care of children till arrival of parents at the close of school, and also welcome them at resumption in the mornings.

Ans: We have six hours of outdoor activities for pre- nursery and seven to eight hours for nursery one to transition.

Ans: All our teachers are qualified, but they also undergo training at the time of employment, before they are fit into a class.

The minimum requirement is N.C.E. We are very strict at choosing our teachers, you can’t be a teacher here without being skilled or experienced. You must have your certificate, so we can speak the same language.

Vice Principal

Ans: Reverencing God first, because without Him, we can do nothing. The most important view is academic excellence of the children and moral aspect of the children. And how to create impact that would be translated to the outside world.
Ans: In administration you don’t work outside your boss, I take instructions from him and implement it. I also discuss some ideas to him, if he approves it I go ahead to work on it, the principal is a simple and good man and gives room for ideas. I have good relationship with teachers and Heads of department and they work hand in hand with me.
Ans: Visitation of classrooms is part of my duty, I go round to observe teaching methods and to know if what is being taught is done rightly.

Ans: I mostly reach out to parent on the days of resumption, but my boss does most of the reaching out. In relating with the children, any of one of them that ought to be discipline I seek the consent of parents before carryout the discipline.

Head Teacher Primary

Ans: Personally I grew from being a classroom teacher Nursery and Primary before I became the Head Teacher and Chief Inspector of the School. I also read education all through and that has been an added advantage to relate with students. It’s easy for me to relate and pass on information to students such that they look forward to my meeting with them. I make learning real for them and not abstract, they are also allowed to express themselves. Teachers are also trained and taught over the years to practice the aforementioned. I was born into a home where my parents where teachers and so I have seen and experienced what teaching ought to be and so my teachers are taught to deploy that school of taught. We also retrain our teachers when employed because of our high standard, so we do the retraining so they can give us what we want. Teachers are allowed to be resourceful and given room for ideas. We are more like family and so the connection spirit overtakes you when you come in.
Ans: Things have changed from teachers centered existing, we now have what is called interactive method, teaching from the known to the unknown. Children are allowed to sought for resources and bring to class for discussion. Complete education is our priority. The children are taught how to use the computer so as they leave at primary five they are exposed to the internet and can operate the computer to a great extent. We don’t hold back knowledge; we give and ask information from ourselves as pride is not built in us, the internet has also made things easy for us. Children answer questions for themselves. Skill acquisition though not in government curriculum, we teach them, we teach Acts, French, graph, in French few schools can compete with us, we also teach music and musical instrument, creative writing, library club to develop their interesting reading.
Ans: The average number in a class is 18 – 20, though a teacher has the capacity to teach just 25.
Ans: From my experience, static, the beauty, we standardize without following the norm. We operate on a 21st century compliances school and teachers.

Ans: We employ emotionalist students, but in a case where a child changes from what we know him/her to be, we call the child to find out why the mood change, we also invite parent and point out the change noticed on the said child.

We collaborate with parent to ensure every child under our care is emotionally balance. We know the I.Q level of each child, some are average, some below average, and the ones at the top of their games, the ones that are below average we help them, sometimes, offer them some other areas of intellect and allow them explore so as to know why he/she is facing difficulties in class. We open up different skills and enroll them in clubs of their given choice so the platform is created for such skills to be developed. Carrier talks, where children are exposed to such carriers are also added as one of the schools activity.

Questions For Madam

The purpose of the school established, is to have an avenue to groom people and nurture children with the right values and right standard. I am a trained secretary and worked at Pabod breweries back in the days, while on the job, I received applications from graduates of different fields of study, majority of them couldn’t write a proper application letter, on the other hand, some couldn’t vert their boss’ speech and some couldn’t type as a secretary, that was how I built up my motivation to the creation of Dietams International Schools. My aim was to bring out my profession in school the way I was taught, so Dietams Nursery and Primary; 1998/1999 session came to play.

Our focus is to groom children that will excel in everything that they do. The school was established by the Almighty God through His divine inspiration. Consequently,

we believe strongly that the enormous task of training children to have solid academic foundation, moral upbringing and sound spiritual uprightness requires a team of God fearing, disciplined, committed and hard working personnel that cherish this vision.

Discipline! If the staffs are disciplined, jobs would be done the way it ought to be done. I expect a highly spirited team, knitted in love and working hand in hand to the training of excellent pupils that would stand the test of time and face the world at large

We are a Christian background and foundation, and God is our source of strength. Christlike is Dietams way of life, and we hope to train our children in the ways of the Lord, that when they grow old they will not depart from it.

Furthermore Our children are trained in the ways and fear of the Lord, we chastise them if need be, because the bible says…

Spare the rod and spoil child. We are excelling gradually to making Dietams a better place for teaching and learning, like our computer lab, when it was established! Most school didn’t have it;

we are making provision for a basketball cot and swimming pool. Our dreams for Dietams are very large, and God being on our side we will get there SHALOM!!!