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Grooming Tomorrow’s Human Capital

Children trained in Dietams International Schools will be imparted with academic excellence and encouraged to acquire skills that will make them tomorrow’s Human Capital of Nigeria. In this era of high unemployment, products of the school will evolve into human capital for Nigeria that can be exported to other countries, or be self employed/or employers of labour. Hence, the school motto is “learning for Excellence” without excellence one cannot be an asset

National Policy on Education

Dietams International Schools have been structured in line with the National Policy on Education. The guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Rivers State Ministry of Education on minimum standards for the setting up of private schools have been followed to justify approval by the authorities.

Status of the School

The school is government-approved, having been structured in line with the Federal and State Ministries’ guidelines as provided for, by the National Policy on Education as stated above. To ensure…

UBE Requirement

Construction work is going on at the Trans-Amadi Gardens Estate site for her Senior Secondary or Basic 10-12 which will be fed from Basic 7-9 at the present site.


The school is running in line with the new government policy of having primary 1-6 and Junior Secondary School (JSS) 1-3 as Basic 1-9 in one school – Senior Secondary…

Teacher/Student Ratio

As a policy Dietams Schools will maintain a teacher/student ratio of one teacher to 15 – 30 pupils or students. Thus, our class size will be between 15 – 30…

School Uniforms

All parents/guardians must purchase from the school two sets of the School’s customized uniforms, a cardigan and a pair of shoe (cortina) for their children/wards on admission including books.

School Fees

School fees are paid termly, either before school resumes or latest, by the end of the 1st week after resumption to any branch of our Banks. Bank Tellers are obtained…

Our Teachers


Consequently, Dietams is well stocked with well qualified and proven committed teachers, well equipped good learning environment to ensure that pupils are well prepared for their examinations. Dietams pupils are…